Before going to sleep for 30 minutes to do foot warm baths. In half a liter of water add one Cup of baking soda, after the procedure, wear warm socks and go to sleep.
Attach to the sore spot a piece of bacon and fix it with a sock. On top put a plastic bag and one sock.
Smear the sore spot clay ointment for 20-30 minutes, pre-steam the leg.
RUB on a small grater black radish and apply at night to the heel. After several compresses everything must go.
Peel the potatoes and along with the peel and put to boil in a large saucepan. As soon as the water boils, drain it and the potatoes begin to mash with your foot until it cools off. Then thoroughly dry your feet and apply a heel iodine. Repeat the procedure for seven times.
Mix a tablespoon of honey, spoon of salt, one bottle of iodine. Apply the solution on cotton wool and apply to the place of occurrence of the "spur", the top is put on the cellophane and heavily bandage. So like 15 minutes.
Mix one bottle of eau de Cologne, two bottles of Valerian, two bottles of iodine, and five pods of hot pepper. Let stand the solution a day, then lubricate the heel to night, and insulate the feet.
A whole raw egg a good wash and put in a small jar, cover with vinegar and, having closed the lid, put in the fridge. In ten days the shell should dissolve. Remove the egg with a steel spoon in the bowl, carefully remove the tape and pour the remaining RUB in a jar with liquid. Mix well, adding 40 g of oil. Use your heel and then wear cotton socks.
Pour rye bread sour milk. Mix and apply on the heel, from top to wear the bag and wrap something warm. Five times you should see the result.
Grate the garlic and place on a napkin, attach neatly to the heel, the garlic did not get to the skin. Hold until you feel a burning sensation.
Put leaves on the heel of the elder, from top to wear socks. Repeat the procedure for two weeks.