First, you need to establish the fact of allergies, because the causes of coughing a lot. For this, in addition to the General examination are blood, urine, feces.
Upon confirmation of Allergy is necessary to determine what is a precipitating factor. That is, what substance acts as the allergen. Existing methods that based on analysis of blood with a sufficiently high accuracy to establish the allergen.
Completely eliminate intake of this substance in your body (or, at least, minimize supply). If allergic to pet dander – they will have to part at least for a while. Of course, we are not talking about having to throw them out. Your Pets can attach to relatives, friends, in extreme cases, the animal shelter or in the "living area" at the school.
If allergic to house dust – it is necessary to keep the property impeccably clean, often do wet cleaning. From pillows stuffed with natural down, also better to refuse. If the Allergy causes a product completely eliminate it from the diet, even if you really like. Health is more expensive.
Remove the coughing will help antihistamines, such as "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Pipolfen" or more modern ("Zyrtec", "claritin", etc.). In their application, remember that the preparations of the first generation along with high efficiency have lower validity period, and most importantly – they have a number of side effects (they cause drowsiness, lack of response).
In agreement with the doctor, you can resort to herbal medicine, i.e. treatment with decoctions of herbs, of course, in the absence of individual contraindications.
Since the attack, an allergic coughing can also be triggered by fatigue, stress, try to keep a measured, calm way of life. Avoid unnecessary conflicts, the hassle.