Excessive use of sweets can lead to very disastrous consequences. It will be difficult to repair the damage, so you should pay attention to other products to in the future not to have problems with health.


It is important to remember that the tooth is susceptible to diabetes. Especially it is necessary to limit itself in sweets for those who have a genetic predisposition to this disease. Every lover of sweet important to know that a harbinger of diabetes is hypoglycemia. This condition appears when the blood sugar level decreases. The person feels dizziness, irritability, weakness, but these symptoms pass quickly if you eat sweets. However, the feeling after a while again deteriorating and the person wants to eat sweet. After a few years, he can diagnose diabetes.


It is important to remember that the sweet is very rich in calories, and excess calories are converted to body fat. If time does not stop, then the person is threatened by obesity. You need to limit yourself to sweet. So, candy and chocolate should be only 10% of the diet. All that will be eaten in excess that stored in the fat folds at the waist and hips. However, sports fans can reduce the negative quality is sweet, however, this would require regular visits to the gym. Of course there are people who have fast metabolism and sweet foods do not become body fat.


Sweet tooth should be wary of dental caries. Because of chocolates it is developing very fast. But it can be avoided, you need to take it a rule to brush teeth after each meal. If you can not do this, that follows after sweet, eat an Apple or a carrot. So can keep your teeth intact, not denying yourself the pleasure to eat chocolate.

Other diseases

Sweet lovers already know that the digestion of refined sugar, the body expends a huge amount of b vitamins and calcium. If one eats too many sweets, his body may be a lack of amino acids and mineral salts. It is important to know that when in the diet of lots of sugar, it makes the affected bones, vessels and joints, hematopoietic system, and the lack of vitamins often causes nervous and mental disease. Also, be aware that sugar is an allergen, and its excess often leads to allergic reactions.