Breastfeeding - a science!

Lactating women should be especially attentive to their diet. This applies not only to the exclusion of food additives, spices, alcohol and caffeine. Some foods can cause the baby allergic reaction, which manifests in a rash, green stool, crust on the head, bloating, etc. If there is at least one of these signs, you need to find out what products are not accepted by the body of the baby.


Most often allergies in newborns cause of citrus and berries. In the first two months of breastfeeding the mother better to keep their use to a minimum. Starting with the third month you can gradually introduce them into diet, preferably one at a time, and observe the reaction of the baby.
In the first months of lactation the woman better to completely eliminate from the diet citrus and chocolate, as they are the most allergenic.

Protein products

In the first days after birth the woman should refrain from drinking cow's milk, eggs and fatty meat. The body of the baby are still too weak to cope with them. If necessary, they can be eaten, but in limited quantities and to ensure that they were environmentally friendly.


In the first months of lactation lactating mothers should protect themselves from excessive sweet foods and drinks. Chocolate is very often a culprit of allergic reactions in infants. The same applies to honey, even though it is very useful, it is better to wait with him at least three to four months.

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates

Quite often, the Allergy associated with the presence in food of mother the high amount of carbohydrates provided in the form of sucrose and starch, which are difficult to assimilate the child's body. Nursing mothers it is better not to use overly sweet muffin, the alternative may be the black bread of coarse grinding.

Hereditary Allergy

Breastfeeding women need to be especially careful with products that cause the Allergy and the child's father. Baby it may be inherited. Often very difficult to guess what body will reject the baby. It can be very simple and seemingly safe products. The main thing – time to identify them and to exclude completely from the diet.
If mom or dad of the kid you are allergic to any foods, it is better not to exclude them from the diet during breast-feeding.

What must be present in the diet?

Per day nursing mother must eat up to 150 grams of cottage cheese, 200 grams of fish or lean meat, and also drink a liter milk products. It is also advisable to consume plenty of fluids, for example, weak herbal tea.