Typically, an allergic cough is often accompanied by rhinitis or allergic conjunctivitis. At night, the cough increases due to the activation of the vagus nerve, which is responsible for symptoms of bronchospasm. To get rid of this cough, you should consult with an allergist. Specialist will conduct test for sensitivity to different allergens, which will help to identify the root cause. Avoiding contact with irritants, you can Allergy, and with it its symptom is cough. Based on the test results, the doctor will select the appropriate antihistamines. As the urgent help he can prescribe inhalers which includes a bronchodilator substance.
To combat allergies now used allergen-specific immunotherapy. Treatment is that the patient is administered small doses of the allergen, gradually accustoming to it the immune system of the patient. This kind of vaccination leads to the fact that over time, the patient ceases to respond to a stimulus. Please note that this therapy is conducted over a relatively long period of time - at least two years.
For treatment of allergic cough use all the same tools, which are generally recommended for Allergy sufferers. These include: daily wet cleaning and regular airing of the apartment; a minimum of household items that accumulate dust (carpets, heavy Drapes, feather pillows, etc.). Buy a humidifier, its use allows to ease the state of patient allergies. If severe allergic reaction do you have saliva and dander, then, unfortunately, the correct solution is to part with a loved pet.