The most popular type of fertilizer – manure. It contains large amounts of nutrients and microorganisms produce carbon dioxide plants need for normal growth and nutrition. The soil fertilized with manure, it becomes more friable, which further has a positive effect on the growth and development of plants. The best fertilizer for a vegetable gardenand is considered to be horse manure and sheep. It is most necessary for plants, potassium and nitrogen. If the plot to make a sufficient amount of manure, nutrients will come from plants 5-6 years. And all is good, but the manure is an expensive fertilizer, and spread it on the area very hard, especially lonely elderly person. To spread manure on the plot requires male physical strength.
The second most popular form of fertilizers humus. It is the rotted manure contains more nutrients. The consumption of humus needs to be 4 times more than manure. After spreading on the land the earth need to plow or dig.
Due to the high price and the first and second fertilizer gardeners and gardenNiki satisfied with the sections of the compost pit where you throw all weeded grass, vegetable peelings and all that may be humus and come next spring as fertilizer. The pit is constantly watered and monitored to ensure that all thrown into the pit was moist. In the spring all the contents of pits scattered on the vegetable gardenand buried in the soil.
Currently, increasingly began to apply fertilizers that do not scatter around the area, and contribute purposefully to each well of potatoes under each tomato plant or cabbage. This is a large range of fertilisers that are available in shops in a wide range.
Often the garden isNicky trying to fertilize the garden with sawdust. A little confused by this. They help to improve soil structure and more durable to maintain moisture in it. As fertilizer sawdust are effective only in dry condition. Plenty of sawdust should be watered and close the cellophane. Spread as fertilizer they can only next year.