Before you start combing the cat, you need to remove hair all fallen hairs with the help of special brushes gloves are generally used when combing dogs.
Next, a metal comb with rare and mild teeth should be brushed a cat hair in the direction of its growth.
On the abdomen of the animal has no definite direction of the wool, it grows in this place bunches, therefore, often confused. Generally, the stomach is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body of the cat. Therefore, to comb the hair on the abdomen must be done very gently and carefully, towards the tail. Problem areas where the comb gets stuck, carefully disassemble hands and comb through again.
Cat pants – also a quite sensitive part of the body of the animal. They must be brushed as carefully as the cat's tummy.
The collar and cheeks of the cat should be brushed towards her face
The hair on the chest of the animal it is better to comb, moving from the front legs to the chin.
Boca cat comb is necessary, moving towards the tail.
To comb the animal's paws, the cat should be put on the back on the knees of the owner. Better to start with the hind legs. Pants should be brushed in the direction from the heels of the cats on her tail. Next, you need to carefully comb the front paws of a cat, in particular the delicate armpits of the animal.
The tail, if there is no particular need in his brushing, it is better not to touch. Damaged hair is recovering very slowly.
When all parts of the body of the cat is already combed, the animal should be again to turn on the tummy and remove with a brush-gloves extra hairs that are left after brushing the cat.
To remove tangles, tufts of matted hair, extreme care is required. Capturing a single Mat between your fingers, you need to cut it with scissors directly above them.
Combing the cat should be very carefully and gently, not making sudden movements and jerks. Injuring or causing the cat pain, the owner may forever lose the trust of your pet.