When issuing you a plastic card Sberbank employees you have been given an envelope that contains the card number and the account number of the card of Sberbank.
Call the Bank - free number hot line – 8-800-555-555-0. Clearly explain to the operator the point of the question, call name, date of birth and the code word specified by you when completing the application form for the card of the savings Bank. If you don't remember the code word, provide the data series and passport number and any other additional information about yourself that will ask the operator. After that you will be told the account number of the card.
Take advantage of the system "Sberbank Online". To enter it you need a username and password, which can be found in the branch Bank or at any ATM. Log in to the system, click the menu "card". There is information on transactions on the account and the account number of the card of Sberbank.