Room plastic card Visa electron consists of sixteen digits. These numbers are located in four separate blocks of four different digits. They are on the front of the card. Flip the card to face him and look closely. The numbers immediately become clearly visible because they are located across the front of the card.
Some print only the last four digits. In this case, take the envelope with the pin code received in the Bank while issuing the card, expand it and see the card number. If you do not have this envelope, for example, you have lost it or destroyed, then take your passport and go to the Bank branch where you received your Visa electron card.
If you have no time to go to the Bank, call the reference Department of the Bank and try to find a room there. Usually you need to call your code word you used when you registered your Visa electron card. After you call the code word the Bank employee will check what card was registered with this word. If such cards will be few, it is likely he will not call the number, if this code word was one map, it will tell you her number.