You will need
  • headphones;
  • computer.
Make sure that your sound card has the necessary driver. If you have a regular computer, turn the system unit and locate the connectors of the sound card. There may be two, three or even more 5 - it all depends on its type. You need green and pink.
Also note on the side wall of the housing and its front panel – a modern computer model output sockets for headphones so you don't have to turn the system unit when connecting devices. Many keyboards and monitors can also serve as transitional devices for headphones and microphones.
Connect the microphone cable to the connector on the computer with the corresponding pictogram, plug from the headphones into the connector next. Follow the color scheme of the connection or pay attention to labels and icons, they must match. Usually the connector for a microphone is to the right, however, it may depend on the model of sound card of your computer.
If you have a laptop, look on the front panel of the housing connectors of the sound card. They can also be on the right and left sides of the device. Also, be color scheme, and follow the steps in legend of pictograms and inscriptions, do not forget about the necessity of installing a device driver.
In menu "control Panel" to navigate to settings, sounds and audio devices, change them according to your desire and make sure they are correct, for example, making a trial in the special application service "Skype" and so on. If the device does not work, check the volume on the sound card in the notification area, adjust volume level of the program and a special switch on the wires headphone Genius, which happens in some models.