You will need
  • System unit ATX, headphones with a male 3.5.
Of course, additional connectors can be seen not only on the front panel of the system unit, but also on the keyboard. This kind of placement of connectors has become much more popular, because some PC users prefer to put the system unit on the floor. But if the length of the wire of your earphone allows you to freely reach out without stretching the wires, the connection to the system unit is a good option.
It often happens that you have purchased the computer has connectors on the front panel for the audio device, but the inner loop is not connected to the corresponding connectors on your sound card. In order to check the efficiency of this type of connector, you must enable the computer – wait for loading the operating system to run any of the player – insert the headphone plug into green connector on the front panel of the system unit. If the sound disappears from the speakers, but appears in the headphones, so everything was properly connected.
But it also happens that the inner loop is not connected to the sound card. In order to solve this problem, you must turn the system unit to his back side. Typically, the back side of the system unit needs to be seen 2 wires with connectors jack 3,5. One of them will be green (speakers-headphones), the other wire is pink (microphone). Connect them to corresponding connectors.
If in this case the sound is not available on the front panel, you should think about going to a computer store where it was purchased this computer.