You will need
  • Computer, headphones.
Connect the headphones to the computer via a cord. If you notice the plug on the cord end, you will see that it is painted in green color. Such coloration is not accidental. On the back of the computer hosting multiple connectors, each of which has a specific color. When you connect headphones, the colour of the plugs should be the same color connector. Insert the plug into the green connector, then notice the Desk. Here a window will appear where you must specify the type of the connected device. Next to "Headphones" check the box and click "OK". The headphones are plugged in.
Connect the headphones via USB. Such headphones do not provide a wired connection to a PC. To start working, you need to install software on the computer. To do this, insert the floppy disk with the drivers from the headphones and install it, keeping the default settings.
After installing the required software, you need to insert into the USB port of a special transmitter, which you'll find included with the headphones. Inserting it into the port, wait for the automated identification of the transmitter system. After identifying headphones will be ready to work, you just have to switch the switch in the "ON" position. In rare cases, the system may prompt for a restart for the correct operation of the device. ?