You will need
  • Computer, headphones with microphone, device driver.
Initially you should consider the way to connect to computer earphone with microphone, equipped with connecting wire. This method is the most simple and fast compared to the wireless type of similar device. To connect headphones with MIC to PC, you need to insert the plug of the device into the socket of the sound card that will match their color.
After inserting the plugs into the jacks on the sound card on the desktop, you may receive a dialog box requiring specification of the type of the connected device. You need to specify parameters in accordance with type connecting the earphone plug, check the option "headphone" and press "OK". Connecting the microphone, set its respective parameter, and then save the changes. If in the connection dialog box never showed up, so we need a device type was automatically detected by the operating system.
To connect to a computer wireless headphones with MIC, you first need to install on your PC the necessary drivers (the software you need comes complete with headphones). Install the device driver and restart the system.
After the computer becomes available for use after restart, insert the USB dongle device to an available port and wait for its detection. Once on the desktop you will see information about the successful identification of the device, you can use headphones with a microphone, bringing the switch to the "ON"position.