Causes of "white fever

The most common cause of high fever in children is a contagious disease. It is treated viral, bacterial, chlamydia, microplasma, fungal and parasitic infections. In temperate and cold climates it may be acute respiratory illnesses, otitis media, bronchitis and pneumonia. And regions with a hot climate is typical of intestinal infection. Pathogens enter the body of the baby through the digestive tract, respiratory and parenteral route.

"White" fever in a child can cause the introduction of vaccines, e.g. measles, pertussis, influenza, etc. are Also quite numerous fever of noninfectious origin. Fever is observed in rheumatic and allergic diseases, vasculitis, poisoning and cancer.

The symptoms of "white fever

The name fever accurately reflects the appearance of the baby. In the eye catches a pale and marbling of the skin. Feet and hands cold to the touch. Lips become sinusny shade. Breathing and heartbeat quickens. The blood pressure rises. The child complains of chills and cold.

The condition of the patient may be apathetic and lethargic, or, conversely, agitated. The child may be nonsense. Often "white" fever is accompanied by febrile convulsions.

Treatment of "white fever

For the treatment of children with "white fever the use of antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs is not effective enough to reduce high temperature, and sometimes even useless. So sick kids prescribe medication from the group of phenothiazines: "Pipolfen", "Propain", "Promethazine". Single dose by a doctor. These drugs dilate peripheral blood vessels, lower excitability of the nervous system, eliminate disorders of microcirculation and increase patootie.

Also doctors with "white" fever recommend the use of vasodilators. For this prescribed nicotinic acid 0.1 mg per 1 kg of body weight. At the same time should give paracetamol. In case of failure after two of the drugs should call an ambulance. To medicines containing paracetamol are "Panadol", "Tylenol", "Calpol". Also as antipyretic can be given the drugs based on ibuprofen - Nurofen". Medicines available in syrups and candles.

Remove vasospasm and will help "Nosh-PA". The baby should be all right medicines, and RUB intensely cold limbs of the child. Antipyretic drugs do not begin to act until the spasm. Exclude all methods of physical cooling, wrapping in cold sheets and wiping!