Syndrome or symptom

The setting sun syndrome, also called syndrome Graefe, got its name after the German ophthalmologist who studied it in the nineteenth century. Graefe described the clinical picture of the disease: the patient had experienced paralysis of the muscles of the eye, which resulted in degeneration of nerve cells, his pupils dilated, the mobility of view is limited, head thrown back in an unnatural position. Today we know that this condition indicates a hydrocephalic syndrome – the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in a child's brain and increased intracranial pressure.

In hospitals babies often put not a syndrome but a symptom Graefe. This diagnosis is given to children, the upper eyelid which is peeled from the iris of the eye, especially when moving the eyes down. At this time, between the iris and the eyelid is clearly visible a white strip of sclera.

Causes of symptom of the setting sun

If the baby is delivered, the symptom of the setting sun, it does not mean that the child is sick. This record often appears in the card in preterm infants, whose nervous system has not had time to develop properly. Also this condition can appear in the first days of a child's life. The cause of the symptom Graefe capable of becoming and individual structure of the eyeball. In this case, the detachment of the upper eyelid may also occur in adulthood.
Exfoliation century inherited. If someone from the family have this feature, most likely, the child is not sick, and got symptom Graefe from parents. This condition is not dangerous for health.

Do I need to go to the doctor

Although in most cases a symptom of the setting sun are not dangerous and goes with age alone, the child should see a doctor. For proper diagnosis you should consult a pediatric neurologist.
Also anxiety symptoms, in addition to the detachment of the upper eyelid, will be the Fontanelle, tense even in repose, strabismus, regurgitation "fountain" and monotonous cry.

Child symptom Graefe usually several years, remains under the supervision of a physician. In some cases, with age, the symptom disappears on its own. Also children are often prescribed diuretics, prescribed massage and swimming, and after a while after treatment changes in the brain disappear completely. And only in the most severe cases, doctors recommend the resort to bypass surgery or operation.