Causes hyperthermia in children

Causes of high temperature can be both communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Fever caused by viral, Mycoplasma, bacterial, parasitic, chlamydial and fungal infections. Hyperthermia in children often occurs in acute respiratory viral diseases, influenza and intestinal infections. The causative agents of diseases fall into the child's body through the digestive tract, respiratory and parenteral route. Also such infections as herpes, Toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus can be transmitted to child at birth or in utero. High temperature accompanied and after the introduction of vaccines.

The cause of fever can serve as a pathology of the Central nervous system. In this case, to normalize the body temperature will be impossible. Such hyperthermia doctors call malignant, and a sick child urgently need to explore a neurologist.

Symptoms of hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is divided into "red" and "white". Most often children found the "red" fever. It can be defined by the following symptoms:
- baby's skin has a reddish hue;
- body hot and humid;
- upper and lower extremities warm;
- heartbeat and breathing learning.
But despite such signs, baby's not crying, not apathetic, not depressed and can continue to play.

A more dangerous form of hyperthermia is "white" fever. She has the following symptoms:
- lethargy, the child is not interested in anything;
- chills, the patient complains of the cold;
- pale skin;
- feet and hands cold;
- lips become sinusny color.
If you do not provide a child with timely help, can have seizures and delirium.

Treatment of hyperthermia in children

When the "red" fever, the little patient is required to give a cool, drink plenty of liquids. Sweet and carbonated beverages are prohibited. Best suited cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks, broth hips, cooled tea with a slice of lemon. You cannot wrap the baby, on the contrary, should the patient to undress. The room temperature should be no higher than 20oC. For normalization temperature is necessary for the child to give antipyretic drug based on paracetamol "Panadol", "Calpol", "Set", or ibuprofen - Nurofen".

When "white" hyperthermia the patient should be warm and drink plenty of liquids. Definitely recommended to RUB and massage cold extremities before the appearance of redness. Can a child wrap. To reduce the temperature necessary to give antipyretic and pill "no-Spa" to relieve spasm of blood vessels. The dosage should be appropriate to the age of the patient. If after 15 minutes the child's condition is not improving, you should call the team "Ambulance".