When the design of the music area, you need to remember the age and individual abilities of children. So, for children 3-5 years design better to build on a plot basis and for the older children – didactic.
Music subject should be a match to the eye, the hand actions, the growth of the child.
In the music area should be a wardrobe, shelves for music benefits, a few tables, chairs for didactic games. Benefits of a good educational environment, aesthetic, attractive, easy to handle, encouraging them to engage with them. Must lie on the floor carpets and soft stools. It provides comfort and promotes concentration.
In the corner to put a better DVD player, with which the children listen to the music, various cartoons and also tunes, promotes psychological relaxation and mental relaxation.
Usually on the walls of the music area hang stands. They fixed the lyrics, verses, ditties, pictures of children's performances, composers, colorful posters, pictures of musical instruments.
In the music area must lie toy musical instruments: drum, flute, miniature piano, glockenspiel, musical toys. It is useful to introduce in the music area guitar, flute, violin, Bayan accordion. Playing on them, children develop their creativity, imagination, musical memory. This gives kids an interest in music, develops musical and phonemic hearing and fine motor skills.