Draw a plan where there will be one or the other play area. Estimate their location from the point of view of facilities for children during the class of a case. When planning keep in mind the age of the children. Also ask your parents about their wishes, what they would like to see in the group. Certainly among adults are proactive, creative personality. And if you want to rearrange the furniture to put together, drill etc., without the help of dad not to do.
After the layout of parts in the group is ready, proceed directly to their design. Be sure to plan a place where children can play outdoor games. In this area you can place a small gymnastic wall, jump ropes, balls, hoops and other sports equipment available.
Area of role play can take the form of a house, the kitchen. The girls here under your leadership can get acquainted with the fact of what to prepare, how to receive guests, etc. And the boys will be those visitors, who will learn and demonstrate your knowledge of etiquette. Zone games for boys can be seen easily with the girls.
The group should also be the area where kids can draw, playing Board games, etc. So take a separate table that can sit several people, put on him a pencil, a stand with books, paper, coloring books. And next to put a cupboard or a bookcase with Board games.
If possible, arrange under corner of nature, a "live" area. There may be an aquarium with fish or a cage with a hamster, Guinea pig, etc. be Sure to tell and show your children that you can do with animals, and what not. In the same area can stand books about animals, it is possible for some time to bring bouquets, interesting exhibits of vegetables, fruits grown in the country.
In the area of social development place the books. You can ask to the parents and children made a little family album or a genealogy tree. So kindergarten will seem to kids even dearer. And the guys will be able to tell each other about your family, travels, brightest moments of life using pictures. There may also be other attributes.
Your group can also make the musical area. Put the tape or other media player, if you have musical instruments. If the latter is not, put the cards with their image and name.
In addition, it is possible to make a area decorative arts, or crafts. If your town or area is famous thanks to this kind of art, this area is particularly necessary. This area will help you to cultivate patriotism and to instill a love of children to work.
Arrange angles depending on the capabilities of your and kindergarten. Depending on the size of the facility playing areas can be more or less. Can also combine parts.