Paintings and ornaments on the wall of groups in kindergarten

Not necessary to have all the walls in groups in a range of colors. To a large extent the choice of color scheme depends on the age of kids. For the youngest there are interesting wall with pictures of different patterns and familiar animals (cat, dog, chicken, cow, Fox, etc.). Older children will love the wall decoration with the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. If you make the walls solid group, the room will not acquire your face will be very special and welcoming for kids.

Heroes of fairy tales and movies need to paint exactly as children are accustomed to see them. Paint colors and shades for the pattern and background of the picture you must choose by reading the findings of pediatricians about the effect of color on physical and emotional condition of the child. The color of the walls group in which children spend a lot of time, affecting the emotional state of the kids, so it indirectly depends on the behavior of children.

The colors of the rainbow on the walls group

Red is able to awaken the child leadership skills and self-confidence, from the abundance of that shade, there is a desire to exercise your mind and energy. On the other hand red can make the room more tense. Many children will try to become leaders in their group, what may cause aggression and irritability, quarrels and even fights. A clean red is desirable to choose as the background, but its inclusion in a picture or ornament can benefit.

Perfect as a main background color for Sunny and citrus-orange. This warm color will make the room more cozy and homey that will have a beneficial effect on the mood and energy of children. Besides the orange color awakens the appetite, so this shade is perfect for a dining room. Yellow tones have almost the same properties as orange, but in a slightly more magnified form. The group room will seem brighter and sunnier.

Green awakens in the children the balance, calm and sanity, besides this shade will refresh the room. On the other hand this color can dull the imagination and intuition, so it is best used in combination with other shades that would trim its properties.

Blue and blue colours have the same properties as the green, they make the room more fresh. These heavenly hues will relieve fatigue and tension, but at the same time calm and relax, so the shades of blue and blue is ideal for bedrooms. In contrast to the green, the purple color will help to develop children's imagination and intuition, but too much of this color can lead to boredom and apathy.