First you need to get in line for a place in kindergarten. Municipal pre-school establishment of the city by law must provide places for all parents. In practice, and later embarked in the queue can wait for kindergarten when it's time to take the child to school.
For application on the staging queue to the kindergarten, please contact the local district Board of education (district education Department). Imagine the necessary documents: a certificate of the therapist about the child's condition, your passport and birth certificate of the child.
Find a suitable kindergarten. You should consider the quality of the facilities, the experience of employees and location. Of course, do not want to spend a few hours each day to take the child to the kindergarten and to take home. See the list of kindergartens on the website of "public Services" (, in search engines, "Doublegis" (
The statement itself, in addition to the attached documents should contain the necessary for you personally information - the list of kindergartens in which you are willing to drive their child. It can be in local BEFORE. In most of the districts educational institutions there is a map with the specified kindergartens, list of addresses (regions). However, to make a list that suits you better in advance.