What are the bleach

Bleaches are chlorine-based and active oxygen. Chlorine-based products known to the consumer for a long time, in their base is sodium hypochlorite. The big advantage of these bleaches is their reasonable price, great selection, they are effectively bleached linen and disinfect it.

Unfortunately, constantly use chlorine-based products, they are very aggressive and can eventually destroy the tissue fibers. Fabric can not only lose their appearance, but tear. Thus, for delicate items, chlorine bleach will not work at all.

Bleach with oxygen is designed to be more gentle and delicate fabrics. They can be used for washing coloured articles, at the same time to refresh their color. The big advantage is their efficiency at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, a full environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. From bleach with chlorine, they are distinguished by a higher price.

The most effective bleach for linen

Very popular among Russian women is the bleach "Barefoot plus", it contains no chorus and is pretty cheap. The tool copes with stains, refreshes the color of the fabric, bleaches, removes odors from linen, disinfects and saves washing powder.

Famous Vanish Oxi Action - less effective bleaching agent. He washes even the most inveterate stains, pre-soaking is not required. Consumers say a convenient and colorful package design, and pink measuring spoon many people like. Only here the price of the bleach very bite, still "Vanish" - the tool is not cheap.

The Amway company has provided to the market a universal bleach which is suitable for all fabric types, even the most delicate – SA8, very simple and short form media. Bleach contains no chlorine components, suitable for colored fabrics, rinse well with things, leaves them on Deposit. This is a very concentrated, so economical in use. SA8 removes the problematic and very long-standing spot. The only drawback is the price of bleach, which is several times higher than even "Vanish".

Bleaching agent to work more effectively, you must comply with all instructions for use are included on the packaging. And the powder, which is used together with bleach to save is not recommended.