If you have poor quality water, boil in a clean blouse. To do this, take filtered water, add teaspoon salt and teaspoon of baking soda, a little powder, mix well. Boil the product in for 30 minutes on low heat. Rinse the shirt and hang to dry.
Buy powder for white things. In its composition contains whitening ingredients that will gradually return the original look to your product. To speed up the whitening, the first few washings, add a little more than normal powder.
Soak the shirt in a solution of water with added oxygen bleach overnight. In the morning wash in usual manner. Usually after the first steeping, the color of the product is changed. In subsequent Laundry add a little bleach to the main compartment for powder.
Dissolve about 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide in 5 liters of water and soak into her blouse for a few hours. Rinse the product in clean water, if desired, can additionally be washed. Peroxide bleaches fabric, but not damage it.
If all your efforts are not successful, take the blouse to the dry cleaners. You will bleach it using professional tools. There are, of course, another option – just throw on any old thing, and instead buy a new, white blouse.