You will need
  • - sketch a new desired tattoo;
  • - tattoo parlor;
  • - material means to pay the wizard.
To cover an old tattoo new is not as difficult as it may seem. First you need to consult the master, which tells whether the application of new tattoo designs without any prior discoloration of the previous one. Most often to do with the old figure did not have, but if it is too dark or too big, it will still have to lighten up. Also, perhaps some of the details of the figure and does have to remove.
If the master decided that without lightening or removing a tattoo can not do, then you need to sign up for the procedure. It is done using a special laser. You may need several sessions, which are held at intervals. The application of a new tattoo is only possible when the skin is completely restored after removal or lightening. Usually it takes not more than a month.
After your skin has healed after laser procedures or, if you do it, at any time, you need to enroll to the master in the selection of the sketch. If you have already decided what picture you want to have on your body, you must bring it with you. The master should see it and evaluate whether it is possible to block this image your tattoo. Do not select pictures with bright shades, as they will not close paint old tattoo. If your sketch is wrong, the wizard will offer you an alternative or draw the individual.
The thumbnail selected, it's the only application. This process is no different than if you were doing a new tattoo and not cover up. So feel free to sign up for a session, you may need several. In the end, you will receive a new high quality tattoo in place of the old.