Today to disguise significant skin defects, burn scars, scars after surgery, there is a special camouflage cosmetics. It is ideal for camouflaging birthmarks.
Good place to start is clean the skin. Use cleanser, foam or wash. Apply to face, neck and décolleté, gently RUB and gently rinse. Refresh your face with toner.
Next, dry the mole , apply the concealer. Better if it's camouflage concealer is a thick consistency. It is much denser and heavier than simple cosmetics. But, thanks to its specific structure, no discomfort on the face causes.
Apply the camouflage with a brush or moist sponge, masking mole and not wiping tool for other sites. Do not make repeated strokes on the same place. Camouflage means at its core is the microcrystalline wax, so apply it in several layers is not necessary. The pigment, which is included in its composition, is paint a birthmark the color of the skin.
Then tweak corrector other minor skin imperfections and cover all the face of the usual Foundation. At the end of the eyes, apply a light coat of powder.
If the mole is flat and insignificant, it can be hide by any correcting means. Take concealer, cosmetic pencil, or cream with a brush. Remember, cosmetic pencil, shade it is much harder and you will have to try to draw a good mole. Better use a concealer in a stick. Apply on top of Foundation and top cover Foundation powder.
If the concealer includes medical supplements, then it is better to apply on clean skin and then tone the face.
In the same way you can hide a birthmark, which is located on the shoulder or calf. In these places the masking tools will be even less visible than on the face and neck.
For this procedure you will need: cleanser, gel or foam, toner, cover the drug, concealer, sponge or brush, concealer and Foundation powder.