Advice 1: How to hide a tattoo

In his youth, yielding to the riot of hormones, forced to protest with the adult world and prove their independence, many tattoos, not thinking about the fact that it's for life. Recently with tattoos do not take on service in power structures, in some of the armed forces and even to a regular job. There is a question about hiding and more radical method – removal of art on the skin.
How to hide a tattoo
Is that a tattoo you need to hide literally in for a night or for an hour or two. This may contribute to the different situations. For example, meet the parents its second half; the interview in a serious company; a business meeting or any event, which would be inappropriate to look at "pattern" on your skin peeks through evening dress. In this case it will be necessary only a temporary disguise. Depending on the size of the pattern on the body and location, to hide it in various ways.
If the tattoo is on the neck, collarbone or shoulder blades, and your outfit opens the back, is to pay great attention to hair. Hair should dissolve. If it is a festive evening, then screw the curls to create a more festive appearance. If the existing hair length is not enough for masking, you can use artificial locks on the latches. Be careful and constantly watch your curls – they have to hide the tattoo from others.
The surest option to hide the pattern on your skin is to pick the right clothes. It should be closed in those places, where is the tattoo. You can also use additional accessories. Even hands, if the "pattern" is there, you can pull the gloves on. And of the wrist of the figure, it is easy to mask with massive bracelets. Tattoo on neck you can hide not only hair, as mentioned above, but a light scarf or a beautifully bound with a napkin. Another thing is that the dress should match the surroundings and be on the weather.
Another method of temporary masking involves the use of tonal resources of the cosmetics. This method is suitable for areas of skin that are not in contact with clothing, otherwise the Foundation may remain on the fabric. Need degreasing toner, concealer, brushes for lipstick and loose powder, makeup sponge, liquid Foundation and powder. The first step is to wipe the tattoo tonic, then apply concealer one tone with the skin. This is best done with a brush. Using the damp sponge should be feather border spots. Top evenly apply liquid Foundation. The final touch – sprinkle the camouflaged area.
To get rid of tattoos are forever much more difficult task. Requires a highly skilled specialist, the conditions of the hospital, and after surgery will have to follow certain restrictions. In addition, the procedure neobespechenie, expensive and do not guarantee a perfect result. And like any surgical intervention, has its contraindications. One of the most famous methods of tattoo removal is the so-called camouflage – applying over the old drawing contours of a flesh colour. The procedure is suitable for small tattoos.
The classic method of information illustration is excision of the skin. One session is enough to say goodbye to tattoo, but after this procedure, the scars remain. Another option is cryosurgery. The picture is displayed with the help of liquid nitrogen. The procedure is popular, but very painful and takes a very long time. When electrocoagulation figure cauterizing high frequency current. It is likely to burn the skin during the procedure. Scars will remain on the skin, but if you use special creams and ointments, they can be greatly reduced. Skin polishing is just another way of tattoo removal. It require 2-3 sessions, and healing takes several months. To the skin left visible scars, they should contact the proven professionals

Advice 2: Is it possible to do a tattoo on the scar

Various injuries, surgery, burns - all these unpleasant circumstances have one thing in common — after they remain on the body and scars. Often on exposed parts that can worsen the appearance and, consequently, to lower the self-esteem and confidence in their own attractiveness.
Tattoo is a good way to hide the scar

Camouflage scars

Today, there are many ways of dealing with scars. This is so serious measures like plastic surgery and injections, and laser resurfacing and the use of external ointments, resolving scar tissue. However, there is a category of people wanting not just to get rid of the hateful fault, but to turn it into an advantage with a tattoo on the scar. Method is interesting, but you need to know that not all scars are suitable for this procedure.
Before you decide on such a step as the execution of the tattoo on the scar, identify your scar type and consult your doctor.

Types of scars

Keloid scars represent one of the most rough and noticeable scars. They have a dense surface, pink, brown or bluish color. At first, these scars cause pain, itching or sensation of tightness of the skin. Keloid scars have the tendency to continuous growth. Most often this type of scars found on the shoulders, chest, back and earlobes. Especially from such scars suffer girl.

If the doctor diagnosed you with a keloid scar, refrain from applying persistent pattern. The procedure of tattooing can cause additional damage that will significantly aggravate the situation

Normotroficheskie scars is one of the lightest and most unobtrusive types of scars. They remain on the body after minor skin damage. These scars are light in color, practically do not change the surface of the skin and may occur on any area of the body. The level of tissue elasticity normotroficheskie scars is little different from the elasticity of healthy skin, and therefore it is possible to fill a tattoo, it will be absolutely safe.

Atrophic scars are the most common type of scars. Scars of this type remain on the skin after the transfer of chicken pox, acne, sun and household burns, trauma or minor surgery. Atrophic scar generally has the form of small pits, irregularities on the surface of the skin, accompanied by disturbances of pigmentation.

Such scars are not prohibited from applying tattoo if its area is not too large. The fact that the skin on atrophic scar is usually flabby, and this can spoil the look of the picture, and the tattoo will have to make.
Making a tattoo for the first time, especially in order to mask the scar, try to choose a small pattern in neutral hues.

Hypertrophic scars appear in place severe damage to the top layer of skin. In the result of healing, renewed tissue grow, which greatly elevates the scar above the skin surface. Scars of this type are pink or light red, rarely brown. Also hypertrophic scars can cause itching pain or burning sensation.

In some cases, the application of a tattoo on this type of scars is allowed, but remember that it will strongly absorb the pigment, and to update this figure will have more than usual.

Advice 3: What tattoo to make a girl

The fashion for tattoos has been for many years. And increasingly, this decoration choose girls. How to make a tattoo: bright, fascinating and sexy or one that will only see the closest? To answer this and some other issues before you put yourself in the hands of a master.
What tattoo to make a girl

First the girl need to think carefully - why would she tattoo. Fashion, desire to keep up with friends or make a pleasant beloved – not the right reasons. Fashion is changing, a friend and favorite can stay in the past, and the tattoo if it is permanent, will remain part of your body for life. You should very seriously approach to the selection of pattern for a tattoo. Among the larger of all the finished sketches in the salons of the Eastern themes – ornaments, Chinese characters, dragons, fish, etc. are also Very popular floral and animal motifs – flowers, butterflies, felines, etc. Choose a picture that will give you the positive and be in harmony with your inner world. Not less important problem is the right place for tattoo. Ideally, it should be where if needed you can hide it. It's one thing to show the tattoo at the beach or the disco, and another thing – in the office or visiting mother in law conservative. Particular consideration should be given if you want to make a tattoo on ass and chest. In youth they look very sexy. However, are you sure that it will be later, after birth, for example? Many women want to get a tattoo, fear that it eventually they get bored or won't like me. That is why the masters of the salons often recommend temporary tattoos made with inks for permanent makeup or henna. In the first case the decoration will last you about 5 years, however to get rid of it completely only by using skin resurfacing. Henna tattoos applied without any needles, so they are less traumatic to the skin. But these tattoos wash off in 2-3 weeks. If you want to have a fashionable and elegant, but not too conspicuous a permanent tattoo, make it with white pigment. This tattoo looks especially impressive on dark and tanned girls. The pattern is better to choose the form of exotic plants, flowers and ethnic ornaments. Very nice tattoo looks white on the neck, wrists and ankles of the girl. You do decide on a tattoo? Very seriously consider the choice of the master. In a good salon you will see sterile, clean, disposable gloves on the hands of a specialist, disposable syringes, certificates of conformity of the materials used. Cost of professional services is quite large. But it is not worth saving, giving himself into the hands of dubious master in some basement. The tattoo in this case, it can cost you a ruined health.

Advice 4: What tattoo is best to do for lower back

Now more and more popular among young people gaining in decorating their bodies with tattoos. There are a huge number of drawings deposited on the body: animals, birds, flowers, graffiti, religious and military symbols. Also varied and their location: on the wrist, shoulder, back, ankle, chest, neck, side and even on the back.
What tattoo is best to do for lower back

The benefits of applying the tattoo on the lower back

Earlier tattoos on the lower back were found more frequently in males, but in recent years they have become very popular among women. Pictures printed on the lower back, make a woman more sexy and attractive. In most cases, this part of the body covered by clothing, and a tattoo can only be seen briefly, which gives even more mystery.

There is a large selection of tattoo designs applied to the lower back. The figures, used in men, significantly different from those who prefer ladies. In General, all of the tattoo applied on this part of the body can be divided into two categories: extensive damage across the surface of the lower back and simple — a small picture from the center up or down.

There are several reasons for such great popularity of lower back tattoos:
- first, on the lower back enough space to fulfill all your fantasies;
- secondly, the skin is more elastic, less stretched, allowing you to keep good appearance of the image are almost to old age;
- thirdly, a tattoo on the lower back easy to hide under clothing.

Popular tattoo

The most common patterns to be applied to the lower back, is the image of a snake, Scorpion, dragon, flowers, butterflies and exotic tribal patterns.

Tribal patterns - perhaps the most common type of tattoos done on the lower back. These include tattoo Africa, Celtic, Polynesian and other tribes of the world. These tattoos symbolize strength and perfection of the spirit of its owner.

Image the serpent symbolizes wisdom, inner power and energy. Recently snake tattoos are very popular. Not surprisingly, people attracted to their mystical power, because since ancient times they were associated with many legends.

Dragon tattoos are very common among lovers of body art. The dragon is considered one of the most revered mythological creatures and is a symbol of power, authority and wisdom. Image of the dragon was applied along the spine all the emperors of China and their spouses, so the figure of the dragon, located on the back, is a symbol of power.

Among the floral designs are very popular among girls is the image of a Lotus. The figure in the form of a Lotus flower symbolizes femininity, elegance, divine birth, purity and chastity.

The image of a Scorpion is quite common on the body of men and women. Scorpio is one of the most dangerous and most revered of the animal world. Depending on the culture, the image of a Scorpion can be a symbol of nobility and self-sacrifice, wisdom and control, loneliness, death and betrayal.

The butterfly tattoo is very popular among the fair sex. These graceful creatures have long been considered the symbol of the soul, rebirth and the ability to change. There are plenty of tattoo designs butterfly. Choose a black image of a butterfly made of Celtic pattern.

Kind of tattoo to do, each decides for himself. It is important that it has become a decoration and bright individuality.
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