Is that a tattoo you need to hide literally in for a night or for an hour or two. This may contribute to the different situations. For example, meet the parents its second half; the interview in a serious company; a business meeting or any event, which would be inappropriate to look at "pattern" on your skin peeks through evening dress. In this case it will be necessary only a temporary disguise. Depending on the size of the pattern on the body and location, to hide it in various ways.
If the tattoo is on the neck, collarbone or shoulder blades, and your outfit opens the back, is to pay great attention to hair. Hair should dissolve. If it is a festive evening, then screw the curls to create a more festive appearance. If the existing hair length is not enough for masking, you can use artificial locks on the latches. Be careful and constantly watch your curls – they have to hide the tattoo from others.
The surest option to hide the pattern on your skin is to pick the right clothes. It should be closed in those places, where is the tattoo. You can also use additional accessories. Even hands, if the "pattern" is there, you can pull the gloves on. And of the wrist of the figure, it is easy to mask with massive bracelets. Tattoo on neck you can hide not only hair, as mentioned above, but a light scarf or a beautifully bound with a napkin. Another thing is that the dress should match the surroundings and be on the weather.
Another method of temporary masking involves the use of tonal resources of the cosmetics. This method is suitable for areas of skin that are not in contact with clothing, otherwise the Foundation may remain on the fabric. Need degreasing toner, concealer, brushes for lipstick and loose powder, makeup sponge, liquid Foundation and powder. The first step is to wipe the tattoo tonic, then apply concealer one tone with the skin. This is best done with a brush. Using the damp sponge should be feather border spots. Top evenly apply liquid Foundation. The final touch – sprinkle the camouflaged area.
To get rid of tattoos are forever much more difficult task. Requires a highly skilled specialist, the conditions of the hospital, and after surgery will have to follow certain restrictions. In addition, the procedure neobespechenie, expensive and do not guarantee a perfect result. And like any surgical intervention, has its contraindications. One of the most famous methods of tattoo removal is the so-called camouflage – applying over the old drawing contours of a flesh colour. The procedure is suitable for small tattoos.
The classic method of information illustration is excision of the skin. One session is enough to say goodbye to tattoo, but after this procedure, the scars remain. Another option is cryosurgery. The picture is displayed with the help of liquid nitrogen. The procedure is popular, but very painful and takes a very long time. When electrocoagulation figure cauterizing high frequency current. It is likely to burn the skin during the procedure. Scars will remain on the skin, but if you use special creams and ointments, they can be greatly reduced. Skin polishing is just another way of tattoo removal. It require 2-3 sessions, and healing takes several months. To the skin left visible scars, they should contact the proven professionals