Remove a normal tattoo

Before you try to take the tattoo at home in any way, understand a simple truth: you cannot do it in any case, nothing happens and not even try to do it, you can cause irreparable harm for your health!

On the Internet you can find a lot of ways home information, from of iodine, salt water and hydrogen peroxide, to absolutely monstrous acetic and other acids and place under the skin of milk. All of them, in fact, targeted at chemical burn of the skin. Indeed, the burnt skin of paint will gradually come down. But, first, when the tattoo needle penetrates pretty deep, and who knows how long you have to burn your skin before the paint will disappear altogether. Second, even if you are lucky enough not to catch the infection and not go crazy from the pain on the spot information on the burnt chemicals that place will be a scar that would not make a better tattoo.

There are only two effective method of removing unwanted tattoo to cover it new or reduced with a laser. It is costing methods, but only, so ask for help in a good tattoo parlor. Don't skimp on your health and appearance.

If you don't like, not the mere presence of a tattoo, and the pattern, it is possible to block others. Such work is called cover up, it may hold experienced tattoo artist.

Removing henna tattoos

Henna tattoo actually is not. This method of applying paint gets under the skin but on her, and by itself it will fade after 1-3 weeks. But if you need to display the picture as soon as possible, this can be done in several ways. Don't expect, however, that the tattoo will be removed immediately – it will take 1-2 days.

During the day walk around a few times on the skin with any soap, then any (purchased or homemade) scrub. Do not RUB the skin scrub too hard, not to injure.
According to statistics, approximately every fifth owner of a tattoo regrets making it, and wants to get rid of it.

Wipe the skin with a mixture of lemon juice, salted water, cucumber juice and juice of parsley root. It is an excellent remedy for skin lightening, just remember that the lighter will become not only the picture itself, but the skin that you wipe, dark-skinned girls, this can be noticeable.

At the very least wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide, but remember that it can much to dry and cause allergic reactions.

Whichever method you choose, after each attempt information, and anoint the skin with a moisturizing cream.