Cons of the teaching profession

The first step is to highlight the obvious disadvantages of the profession.

First of all, work at school is stressful. It requires immense mental strength. Besides, the teacher is solely responsible for the life and health of each student.

At home, after the end of the day, the teacher is also unlikely to relax. He needs to prepare for lessons and extracurricular activities, grade papers, work with the documentation of the class teacher etc.

In addition, educational institutions are constantly carrying out inspections, including visits to lessons and study documentation. Checks with teachers and school administration, and all sorts of commissions from the Department of education, Almazora, etc.

And the disciples are very different. Easy to work with smart, studious, well-mannered children, but often come across lazy, ill-mannered, from which you can expect rude, and sometimes outright provocation.

Despite all the talk about raising the salaries of teachers, it is still scanty. Thus, in order to somehow survive, the teacher has to take a very heavy load, being in school literally from morning till late evening. And in preparation for the lessons, class hours and other activities, the teacher has to invest their own funds.

Undeniable advantages

It would seem, with so many drawbacks, it is strange that someone is still in the profession. However, there is the profession of a teacher and undeniable advantages.

The teaching profession is more a calling. If the teacher truly loves children and your subject, it can realize their creative abilities, to transfer his knowledge and skills.

At work the teacher is never boring. Every day he communicates with students. As you know, all children are different, and communicating with them can be interesting, and sometimes funny.

The work of the teacher is very specific. He doesn't need to "sit" on a dull eight-hour day. Every minute for him is filled with activities, emotions, communication.

The majority of educational institutions is budgetary organizations. Therefore, despite the low level of income, the teacher has a number of social guarantees timely payment of wages, paid vacation, sick leave, possibility of e-learning in the University, etc. in addition, the vacation teachers always summer, and it lasts almost 2 months.

And, of course, the most important is the gratitude of students. If the teacher is working at the calling, truly loves children, then they usually reciprocate. After graduation they remember a favorite teacher, considering him a part of the most carefree and happy time in their lives. And perhaps this is the main and huge plus can redeem all the disadvantages of the teaching profession.