Person who has drunk a large amount of beer, you can't call sober, but the effect of the drink is not as "stunning" as in the use of vodka. You can use any of the actions able to improve the tone and affect the nervous system. In most mild cases, it can be washing with ice water, ginger tea with lemon and honey or just strong tea with lemon, chewing mint, coffee beans. If drunk beer person needs to sit behind the wheel, sweet drinks, it is better not to use – on the contrary, it will help the alcohol faster to leave the body. Before you accept funds for sobering up, the body should be cleaned, causing vomiting. Helps ammonia to drop on a cotton swab and from time to time to sniff.

As someone who had been drinking beer for a while to sober up

The action of drinking beer from decisions made for a sobering measures will not stop, but will slow down a lot. Briefly protressive person could, for example, normally to get home and not get in the adventure.

The adoption of emergency measures to perform better in a room where there is everything necessary for this. First, get out of the body as much as possible the amount of ingested alcohol. To do this, use enemas colon cleansing, and wash out the stomach. If it is possible, for example, when the state of intoxication you are trying to enter the country, a visit to the hot sauna or bath will increase the flow of blood oxygen, which will help excrete more alcohol. Preferably at the same time there was a relatively sober person, because this method is unsafe and can trigger a heart attack.

"Folk" remedies for sobering up

In the process of sobering up can help good exercise. It can be a small jog or performing push-UPS. Heavy traffic increases the heart rate, increase perspiration and partially excrete alcohol.

Trying to work a little head, you can bring the brain to a working state. Help riddles, puzzles, intelligent conversation with a sober companion.

Massaging the tip of the nose to the lungs pain will help to improve the circulation of blood, and the smell when it escalates. After that, the person needs to allow to smell liquid ammonia. So repeated several times – drunk people at some time comes to. It is possible to give to drink drunk a little water with addition of ammonia a few drops in a glass. Also help aspirin and effervescent vitamins, fresh juices.

It should be borne in mind that the holding of sobering procedures does not mean the complete removal of alcohol from the body. They should only be undertaken in extreme cases – for example, in order to safely get home. At the first opportunity, you need to lie down and sleep well.