You will need
  • - a large amount of fluid;
  • - sorbents;
  • the brine from pickled vegetables.
Rinse the stomach after drinking large amounts of water. Then provoke the gag reflex by pressing on the tongue with two fingers. In the liquid, add a little salt or use for washing non-carbonated mineral water. You will become a little easier almost immediately.
Accelerate the withdrawal of alcohol by the kidneys. Drink as much liquid as possible. Suitable green or of weak black tea, berry juice, natural juice, and dairy products. From drinking carbonated beverages refrain, the only exception is the alkaline mineral water. Take a diuretic drug or urological collection, if you have poorly functioning kidneys. When severe edema contact the hospital.
Take 4 activated charcoal tablets a few hours later take 2 more. Instead of activated carbon, "Smectite", "Filtrum-Safari" and similar drugs. If you feel heaviness in the stomach or pain in the pancreas, have a drink "Mezim" or "Pancreatin". A normal digestion that will help to accelerate the alcohol from the body.
Go to the sauna, if you're okay with the cardiovascular system. The alcohol will leave the body with sweat. Already in 15-30 minutes you will feel much better. After the pair take a dip in the pool. If you have a high heart rate or tunic heart of these procedures give.
Drink the brine from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. Salt helps to remove alcohol from the blood in the shortest possible time. If you can't tolerate vinegar, or your stomach hurts, drink tomato juice.
Call for an ambulance. In hospital boosted will help you to bring alcohol from the body. If you are in a state of extreme intoxication, doctors will not provide medical care. Since the last taking of alcohol must be at least 24 hours.