Advice 1: How long does it erode 100 grams of vodka

To drink or not to drink at the wheel – today this issue with the drivers not even have to stand. First, DWI is potentially very dangerous to the surrounding community and the driver. Secondly, it is assumed to be sufficiently severe sanctions (fines, arrest, etc.) for such an offence. However, the actual remains the question: can I drink the day before.
How long does it erode 100 grams of vodka
The experiments and the various studies that are conducted by scientists has proven that alcohol from the body of men and women appears in different ways: for men this process takes with 0.10-0.15 ppm per hour, the women of 0.085 to 0.10 ppm per hour.
The process of weathering of alcohol takes a lot of time. Accordingly, the more you drink, the harder your liver will handle it.

What factors affect the weathering of alcohol

Averaging the weathering of 100 g of vodka impossible, because you need to consider a list of factors that affect this process. It includes:
- physical condition (healthy, sick, tired, depressed, calm, etc.);
- mental state (shock, deep psychological trauma, etc.);
- the presence or absence of food.
- the mass of the human body;
- the temperature of the environment.
It is worth considering that if a person says a mental disorder, the alcohol will fade faster. As for room temperature, frost weathering is more active.

How much disappears 100 g of vodka

If you take the ideal conditions: a person is healthy, in good spirits, normal physique (weight about 80 kg), drinks not in a stuffy room, then the average rate of weathering of 100 g of vodka will be 4.5 hours.

If you need to make a detailed calculation, it is necessary to consider a number of tips that have made the doctors. For example, those who weigh 60-75 kg, the amount of alcohol consumed should be multiplied by 0.77. If the weight 40 to 60 kg, the dose of the drink should be multiplied by 0.53.

Despite the calculations and recommendations, it is understood that even after minimal time, it is better to refuse driving the car, because alcohol continues to remain in the cortex for a long time. And liver kidney do not have time to take all the toxins from the body. This means that they will continue to have a negative impact on vision, hearing and reaction speed. This is despite the fact that the person may not notice this. So calculated the rate of weathering not only vodka, but brandy, wine, and cocktails.

What to do to sober up faster

That vodka quickly disappeared from the body, you need to follow some pretty simple rules. For example, do not mix alcohol with coffee or tea – so the speed of withdrawal of alcohol significantly inhibited.

At least 15 minutes before the meal take 4 tablets of activated charcoal. And in the process continue to take 2 tablets every 2 hours. This is because coal is known for its adsorbent properties. It slows down the process of absorption of alcohol in the stomach wall.

The alcohol will wear off faster if in parallel with it to accept water. Alternatively, you can use various juices.

And remember that scientists have proved that a complete weathering of the alcohol comes only 28 days after his admission. And all this time its remnants impact on the human body.

Advice 2 : How to quickly sober up after the vodka

In life there are many different situations when after the use of a large number of alcoholic beverages a person needs to sober up. It would seem that can be simpler, because it is good enough to sleep and sobriety will come by itself. However, the problem is that it would take up too much time. In a situation when you need to sober up quickly and really, you can't help, no home remedies. To achieve this effect is possible only in specialized clinics and under strict medical supervision. In the case where a person has temporary effect you can resort to folk remedies.
How to quickly sober up after the vodka

Temporary sobering for a period of not more than 20 minutes

For the short-term effect, means to increase the tone of the nervous system. It may be the intake of fluids such as tea or coffee, or taking a bath. If you need sobering for 10-15 minutes, you can go to the bathroom and take a contrast shower. A cold bath is also suitable for this purpose, but there is a risk SuperCool the body that lead to respiratory diseases. Tonic non-alcoholic fluids will not help to sober up, if the stomach will not be cleared. Their adoption should induce vomiting.

In winter you can use snow instead of a shower. They need a good RUB the face, the effect is immediate, but very short, no more than 2-5 minutes. Also, in order to sober up for a while, have resorted to massage the ears. However, to help this way can only be in mild intoxication.

Sobering up for a long time

Quickly sober up, you can use the full cleansing the body of alcoholic products. For this you need to do an enema several doses and induce vomiting. The entire process will take about 5 liters, 2 liters will go on the intestinal cleanse, and a 3 – to clean the stomach. The procedure, of course, unpleasant, but effective. The stomach needs to be washed out gradually, first to drink 500 -700 ml of water, then is called vomiting. Repeat the procedure as necessary until all the contents of the stomach will not come out.

The alcohol that has already managed to get into the blood, to bring into a home can not be only to accelerate its natural breeding by enriching the body with oxygen. For this, you can go outside and get some fresh air. You can also bring alcohol from the blood, using diuretics natural origin. A good diuretic effect have watermelon, nonalcoholic beer, mineral water, green tea and grapes. If such products were not available, you can drink the infusion of bearberry. In any case, you cannot use this drug as furosemide, it can cause irreparable harm to the urinary system.

To consolidate the effect after cleaning procedures have the ammonia smell and to take ascorbic acid in a soluble form. Those who possess a good physical form, can do a few exercises to remnants of alcohol left from then.
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