Usually during alcohol intoxication is observed in two phases. The first - phase initiation, when a person improves mood, he becomes emotional and talkative, the attention decreases. If the feast continues, the excitement phase flows into the phase of decline. The person becomes lethargic and eventually falling asleep. When mild alcoholic intoxication the best way to sober up is walk, since alcohol is actively excreted via the lungs.
With moderate intoxication there is a violation of coordination of movements and signs of disorientation. In this case, it is desirable to empty the stomach to prevent further absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. You need to drink a few glasses of water and induce vomiting.
A good sobering effect is the reception of glass of water with 6-7 drops of ammonia. It will be useful to lubricate the whiskey ammonia and bring the fleece to the nose, soaked in it. Will also be useful walk in the fresh air.
Sobering effect has mint tea. A positive effect raspberry jam or honey. The fructose in honey has a sobering effect, like raspberries.
Good to sober up action has the following drink. It is necessary to mix a large spoonful of brandy with three large spoons of vegetable oil and one egg yolk. Drink you must drink in one gulp.
If the person is at home and has the ability to go to sleep, it will be useful to lower the head under running cold water and hold her so little. People will immediately feel the relief. After that you need to take activated charcoal or other adsorbent or drink milk and sleep in a well ventilated area.
In severe alcohol intoxication to return the person to consciousness can, by rubbing his ears with his hands, that will provide blood flow to the brain. Further, relatively effective will be all of the above methods.