Tongue of a healthy person

Do not have to wait for a visit to the clinic to have your tongue examined by a doctor. Brushing your teeth, you can do this yourself by paying attention to its color and shape. By the way, very useful to clean not only the teeth from food debris, but the tongue is plaque.

If the language is pale pink, moist, shallow crease in the middle of the video, papillae not enlarged, there are no small cracks, the plaque is a thin, transparent – serious health problems you have. But if there are any deviations in these parameters in the body, there are certain violations.

Tongue diagnosis

If the language is covered with an opaque coating, has a color. It becomes white with SARS, bronchitis, pneumonia, thrush. Yellow – when there is illness of the stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, and gall bladder. Unhealthy liver is signaled by a bluish-gray powder. Bright crimson language becomes when scarlet fever and colored – tuberculosis.

Shiny, "lacquered" language, which also appears a slight burning sensation indicates a lack of vitamin B12 and anemia. "Geographic" tongue, when the RAID is similar to the "island", "seas" and "continents" can testify about the presence of intestinal worms, and vitamin deficiency, and the weakening of the immune system.

If the sides of the tongue are visible imprints of the lower teeth, it can be assumed the disease of the spleen. But if simultaneously with such prints it swells and increases is a symptom of hypothyroidism, check thyroid.

Language symmetrically divided in two halves by a shallow fold. In her mind, you can determine how healthy is your spine. If it is curved in the middle part of the tongue, most likely, sick lumbar. Curved at the tip of your tongue – a sign of degenerative disc disease of the cervical.

A deep crack in the middle occurs in the cores. Small cracks are a symptom of kidney disease, the blood or the organs of the endocrine system. Cracked tongue usually differ the diabetics.

If in the mouth there is saliva, the tongue becomes dry and in the morning, you receive a bitter taste in the mouth is a sure sign that fine gallbladder.

Tongue diagnosis is highly valued in modern Chinese medicine. Found that language really is a "mirror" of the internal organs. For example, the front part of it "responsible" for the lungs and heart, middle of stomach and intestine, the edges of the back for left and right kidneys.

Most of our therapists examine the language of the patient only when there is a suspicion of infectious disease. For example, when scarlet fever, it becomes crimson, and in typhoid – dark brown.

Of course, tongue diagnosis gives a preliminary, tentative results. To exclude a medical error, you then need to check their laboratory tests, examinations using modern diagnostic devices.