Urine and its color

In a healthy person urine color should be pale yellow, however, due to the fact that perfectly healthy people today do not occur too frequently, this figure may be quite relative. In addition, the color of urine may change when you receive a "Nitroxoline", "Biomitsin or synthetic vitamin C, while it becomes bright yellow, while the drug "Aminopyrine" would stain the urine red.

Color the urine deep red color and some foods – such as beets or other vegetables in a vibrant hue.

In the presence of a yellow or dark yellow urine can be caused abnormalities in the pancreas or liver. Reddish tint of the urine is the reason for going to the urologist, because it indicates the presence of blood in it. This can be caused by sand or stones in the kidneys, which movement is usually accompanied by severe pain in the lumbar region and fever. In addition, blood in the urine appears in severe diseases of the urinary system and the inability of the kidneys to filter it in the desired quantity.

Transparency and volume of urine

The transparency of the urine is its most important physical property is turbidity of fresh fluid is often an indicator of an acute inflammatory process in the urinary system. In this case the urine gets contaminated with pus and a large number of leucocytes, therefore, the appearance of turbidity must pass the appropriate tests. As for the volume per day a healthy man secretes about one and a half liters of urine, and its quantity depends on the use of diuretic foods or drugs.

Exceeding 2 liters of daily urine volume may indicate diabetes, then a maximum of 1 liter per day is a sign of blockage of the ureter (not always).

Urine smelling of acetone may indicate diabetes, brain damage or liver disease, and acute infectious disease. Glucose in the urine is a possible symptom of diabetes or of disorders in carbohydrate metabolism. Protein may appear in urine after heavy exercise, when damage to the renal tubules or in violation of the kidneys. Typically, analysis for protein in the urine is recommended to repeat the taking of urine before taking shower, and excluding the possibility of contact with the Bank for the analysis of impurities.