Many girls are sensitive about their age, so in any case there is no need to remind him. Forget about cards with numbers and the cakes with the anniversary labels, nor should in greeting to joke: "You're 18 again".

Choose a gift wisely

A gift to the girl 30 years to convince her that these years were not wasted, that she has achieved, but there is still a lot of interesting, and life is just beginning.

Do not give jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, unless you know the tastes of the girl. You should not give a practical gift in the form of household appliances, utensils and linens. It's boring and uninteresting. In a pinch you can give a certificate to the store. Better focus on youth, beauty and charm of girls. At any age it is always a pleasure. And don't forget the flowers!

What to give?

A universal gift that will appeal to most women, it is possible to find a certificate to a beauty salon, Spa-salon or cosmetics store. Even if the birthday girl doesn't need anything, she'll enjoy the extra time to pamper yourself.

If at the anniversary the business woman, the gift should emphasize its status. This can be an expensive leather day planner, business card holder, tablet or folder for avtodokumentov.

The girl, who has any hobby, give a theme gift. For the lover of embroidery – a new scheme and a set of threads, for a flower – an Orchid or something exotic. You can order a cake with an unusual design, for example, in the form of a flower basket or a bouquet in the form of any figure.

As a variant – order portrait of a girl, written from pictures, or prints on canvas. Silk scarf hand painted, is not only an original gift, but to be constantly reminded of the giver.

His memory and think about what the birthday girl wanted, but she was sorry for the time or the funds. The make-up courses, photography lessons or cooking, can be a pet of a specific breed – this is not only a gift but also a pleasant surprise, because you remember her wish.

If you are invited as part of a large company, throw off and give a start somewhere. For example, on Christmas holidays in Europe or the Tulip festival in Amsterdam. However, this option is suitable for free girls.

Another option would be a photo shoot. Give the birthday girl the opportunity to feel like a star, order a professional photographer, if the celebration is planned in a restaurant or cafe, where the girl will surely have a chic look. In addition to the emotions and memories on the memory of her will be beautiful photos from the celebration.