You will need
  • - notebook
For journal you can use as a special journal for pregnant women, sold in many specialised stores for expectant mothers, and ordinary notebook.
Record in your diary of pregnancy, the date of your last menstrual period. It is needed in order to know the approximate date of upcoming birth. Tell us about the day you realized that she is pregnant, write down what feelings and emotions you experienced. Don't forget to write about the emergence of symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, changes in taste preferences. Indicate in the diary of its original weight and abdominal circumference.
Each week of pregnancy you will notice a variety of changes that will occur within you. Be sure to tell about them in your diary. Highlight the most important, in your view events: the first news of pregnancy, the first push of the baby, the baby things, the first birth pains.
Write down how you feel, how your mood changes, what factors affect it. Enter in diary of pregnancy date of first ultrasound, tell us about your emotions in the moment when you first saw your baby on the monitor screen.
Don't forget to fix the date of the first fetal movements. Tell me in a diary about their assumptions and feelings associated with sex of the future baby. Include information about weight gain. In the last weeks of pregnancy write about all their experiences and expectations of childbirth.
What style will filled your diary pregnancydepends on you. You can fill it in the form of simple news or conversations with your future baby. Write down all your joys and anxiety. Don't worry about the correctness of the wording, because the diary you are for yourself, not for the public.
Rereading your diary pregnancy in the future, you will again be able to relive one of the brightest and happiest periods of his life.