The conformity of the signs of the zodiac

If the flowers feel, to talk with them, to breathe their fragrance, to admire, they are able to transfer some of the vitality. It is believed that each zodiac sign has a corresponding color variety:

- Aries - honeysuckle, geranium;
- Calf - mallow, rose;
- Twins - Azalea, violet, rose, Orchid;
- Cancer - geranium, white rose, Lily, Lotus;
Lev - gladiolus, Orchid, Lily of the valley;
- The virgin - lavender, carnation, Azalea, hyacinth;
- Weights - cypress, Lotus, Tulip;
The Scorpion - Pansy, Narcissus;
- Sagittarius - violet, lavender, marigolds;
- Capricorn - ginseng, poppy, Orchid;
- Aquarius cornflower, daffodil, Lily.

The value and meaning

When choosing flowers as a gift for the birthday note that each Bud has a hidden meaning and has its own value. The language of flowers can be more understandable and expressive than looks, gestures and words. In many cultures a sign of love – rose, Chinese peony, the British – forget-me-not. In Ancient Germany the key to happiness and success in family life was considered the lilies of the valley. British girlfriends portrayed Pansy.
If on your birthday you decided to give one flower, remember that the Bud should be large in size. So, you can give, gladiolus, Lily, chrysanthemum, carnation, rose.

Experts on the psychology of women, the French came to the conclusion that to give flowers with meaning is possible, given the occasion, social status and age.

Absolutely wrong considered the woman in years to give for birthday Burgundy roses. Just the opposite. You should never give the mother quickly fading and dark colors – it's her again let me remind you about the years. In this case, it is appropriate to be pink bouquets. Focus on more expensive and sustainable flowers loved by woman of shades.
Birthday basket arrangement or bouquet can be quite lush. But on the anniversary of the gift should be expensive and memorable: basket of flowers or a beautiful bouquet.

For a bouquet on the birthday of a very important psychological subtext, which is perceived visually, based on the total colors. The predominance of blue key symbol of trust, yellow and orange – light and warmth, and white a sense of purity and freshness, red is a cheerful and festive mood.

It is known that a symbol of beauty and love is the rose. Its color is also important to consider when choosing buds birthday. So, pink flowers signify tenderness and hope, Burgundy and dark red – I would say that the birthday girl is insanely beautiful and desirable, yellow will tell you about the pleasure of communication, red and white in one song tells of the unity.

Remember that even a small bouquet or one flower, presented with love to the birthday that will bring joy and happiness to the birthday girl.