You will need
  • - food for picnic;
  • - invitation cards;
  • - kids games for entertainment.
Celebrate birthday outdoors, if weather conditions permit. Invite close friends, relatives and arrange a celebratory picnic. Fry the kebabs, prepare the vegetables on the grill. In General, the larger focus is in the festive menu. Remember that dietary recommendations given to you by the doctor, try not to deviate from them even in holiday. After all, you need to think not only about their own pleasure, but also about the health of your baby.
Do not buy alcoholic beverages. Pre-warn friends that the holiday will be non-alcoholic. Of course, you can't ban guests drink certain drinks. But in your power, for example, to do a theme party. Let the key word of the day is the "child" is quite true in your state. Buy womens caps for the invited guests, the invitations indicate the dress code appropriate to the theme of the party.
Prepare to experience children's Board games, a ball, badminton. Play kids games in the forest, for example, hide-and-seek or blindman's buff. Surely you and your friends have not had fun in a similar way. Birthday – first celebration of childhood, therefore, such a pastime is perfect on a day like this.
Try not to be around smokers. Highlight for those who have this addiction, a special place where they can get out to smoke. For adults and people who understand this will not be an obstacle, because for sure your friends realize that you now must be more careful with their health.
Do not pass up the occasion. If friends want to surprise you, do not deny them. Remember that pregnancy is one of the best times in a woman's life, not a disease. Nobody forbids you from having fun like before. Just need to consider some factors, and it is not difficult.