Fecal-oral (feces - mouth) way is the most common method of transmission. It is proved that the pathogen can be detected in the feces of the sick person. Fecal-oral transmission is being implemented due to lack of observance of rules of personal hygiene. If the patient or carrier of Helicobacter pylori did not wash my hands after using the toilet, it is able to directly infect a healthy person or infect the food. In bad treatment plumbing is also possible the spread of infection. It is therefore often flash gelikobakterioza can be found in a circle of the same family or other close group of people.
Get infected even while kissing (oral-oral or mouth-mouth transmission). Helicobacter in the small number detected in saliva and in dental plaque ill person or asymptomatic carrier of the infection. Upon contact with the vomit of the source of infection is also quite likely transmission of Helicobacter pylori.
Household way of infection gelikobakterioza also has to be implemented very often. If you use the same utensils together with the sick, poorly treated of Cutlery or one toothbrush could spread infection. In the same way an infected mother can accidentally infect their own child, licking his nipple or a spoon. Very often the infection occurs in establishments of public catering in the poor personal hygiene of personnel and the use of reusable utensils. In children's institutions (kindergartens and schools) is very often implemented household way of infection.
Until recently, infected with Helicobacter pylori could be in the medical institutions during gastrofibroscopy (examination of the stomach and duodenum with the help of a special device) or intubation of the stomach. Currently, the endoscopes and probes are handled carefully and contamination is unlikely. Likely high risk of infection when using poorly handled spatulas (for inspection of the throat) and dental instruments.
Not until the end of proven airborne route of infection. However, it is possible that by close contact, through coughing particles of saliva of a patient with gelikobakterioza can get into the oral cavity of a healthy person and cause infection. Considering all the way of infection, infection of all mankind is about 80%.