A split personality is when one person systematically the presence of at least two persons. In this case the patient can not even guess. Symptoms regardless of the use of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances.
Dissociative disorders occur in people in adulthood who have suffered mental or physical violence and rude attitude in early childhood. The patient in addition to split of the individual may experience anxiety, sleep disorder with systematic insomnia or drowsiness, General conduct disorder, and impaired social adaptation.
Split personality doctors look like a kind of amnesia, when the displacement of the natural consciousness of a person falls into a unrealistic perception of the world and thus for some period of time forget about the stressful situations he suffered in early childhood.
Treatment for dissociative disorders is very long lasting, often lifelong. Along with a dissociative disorder may be generalized anxiety disorder.
As therapy used neuroleptics: "Sonapaks", "Leponeks", "Fluanxol","Chlorprothixene", "Chlorpromazine", "Haloperidol". At the same time can be assigned to antidepressants: "Amitriptyline", "Azafen", "Prozac", "Fluoxetine", paxil, Trazodone, etc. Selection of medicines and their dose may only pick a practicing psychiatrist on the basis of a complete medical examination given the symptoms of the disease.
In addition to the main treatment patient is prescribed psychotherapeutic treatments. General rehabilitation and the displacement from the memory of the traumatic moments help to achieve sustained remission. But maintenance therapy must continue throughout life.