First of all, remember that schizophrenia is a chronic disease, treatment to remission may last for many years, so please be patient and do not expect instant results. With such patients it is often very difficult, because his thinking is markedly different from the way of thinking of other people. So do not engage in long discussions and lengthy explanations. Express your thoughts clearly and simply as possible.
Try not to react to sudden fits of aggression and hostility. In a patient with schizophrenia dominated by negative emotions due to the fact that contact with the outside world is unpleasant. It is a sign of the disease, and not a bad attitude to you personally. However, do not disregard the attempts of physical abuse. Clearly set the boundaries and don't let them proceed. Everyone should know and follow the rules of conduct.
Ensure that the patient got her medicine and comply with other recommendations of your doctor. Sometimes a person with schizophrenia refuses treatment because he thinks his family wants to poison him, or he feels healthy. In this case, allowed the dissolution of tablets in food without the knowledge of the patient.
Sensitively react to all changes in the condition of the patient with schizophrenia. Remember that remission can be sudden attack, especially in autumn or spring time. In this case, do not hesitate, immediately call your doctor. If necessary, is to treat the patient in the hospital, to obtain early results.
People with schizophrenia often do not think about personal hygiene and decent appearance for their daily bread, the maintenance of housing and other everyday stuff needed for a normal life. To make such a person a routine and try stick well. Encourage your patient to ensure that he cleaned up after himself and performed simple chores.