You will need
  • Courage, determination, confidence, generosity, kindness, strong mind, great sense of humor, determination, romance, unpredictability.
When a guy finds himself in a situation that he just doesn't know how to please a girl, he should resort to the conventional methods. For many ladies, the most important quality in men is confidence, determination and courage. Every woman wants such a man, who would be her patron and a strong wall, a shoulder on which she could rely in any moment. We just have to show it at every opportunity.
Of course, the perfect guy should be generous and in any case not to be greedy in relation to the girl, appealing to him. We are not even talking about handouts to the homeless and the disabled, although a kind soul, altruistically and charitable activities, most likely, will win most of the fair sex. Paying the bill in a restaurant, flowers, gifts and different surprises, too, has not been canceled. If a man is not enough money for rich courtship, he needs a well-developed imagination, through which he may be able to limit small expenses, but still hit his companion.
Knowing what guys want girls, it's impossible not to think that it is unlikely that they will want to chat with a complete fool. A man should be intelligent, erudite, interesting to talk to. The girl wants to be proud of her boyfriend and not be embarrassed because of his stupidity. Boyfriend may not be very well-read, but it must be highlight that will be of interest and indicate that the person is passionate about something, wants something, he's got potential.
In the list of the necessary qualities to attract any lady a must to have a great sense of humor. All girls, even the most serious, I want guys who know how to laugh, has a perpetual supply of witty jokes and positive attitude, and infectious laughter. No woman will prefer the company of boring nerds and silent communion with the ringleader-the soul of the company!
All girls like surprises, diversity, surprises and less routine, which so love to fill your life with most of the guys. Forget about predictability and showing her lover the other side of life, usually succeed in winning. Quite suddenly only to invite the girl in an unusual or interesting event, either an extraordinary surprise gift for no reason. Draw inspiration from romantic movies or the Internet, and the efforts will necessarily be rewarded, after all, not many men really eager to impress their women.
Don't give up, girls want to have achieved them! Perseverance wins, and fall in love, first in attitude and then in person quite often.