The image of the ideal man

Most woman want to see a real man. Someone who is able to challenge the challenges, setbacks, adversity. The person is able to achieve certain career heights, and provide for my family.

Many of the ladies already at an early age in my head there is a certain image of the ideal man, the hero of her novel. If the guy somehow conform to this ideal, it is a priori makes her heart beat faster, and attracts like a magnet.

Although the ideals are different, but most women draws attention to the following characteristics:

- determination (even if the whole night will literally devour the girl look, but did not come up to her, his chances of success are incredibly small);
- self confidence (women like men who know what they want and can achieve in this life);
- masculinity (as in the song of group ABBA "winner takes it all"- the winner takes it all);
- activity (girls pay more attention to members of the opposite sex with an active lifestyle, rather than the demure and modest);
- perseverance and assertiveness (if you started to do something, then fight to the end. This approach will appeal to many ladies).

According to psychologists, even if man nature has not given good looks of Apollo, but he has all these qualities, it will attract the attention of women. Sometimes he did not have to do anything, they will seek a meeting with him.

Additional features

Of course, many women like the attention and do it not only in moments of honeymoon period, holidays, or any other memorable for you two date, but just. Pamper your beloved with a delicious dinner, give her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, take her to the theatre or concert and so on. These little things will add romance to your relationship, nevertheless it is often not enough for many girls.

Do not forget about care. Help his girlfriend carry the heavy bags from the supermarket, cover with a blanket if she fell asleep on the couch, advise tie on neck warmer plush scarf if it's cold outside. Your significant other obviously will appreciate it and know that with you as behind a stone wall.

Another important characteristic is neatness. Agree, hardly anyone will like a guy who doesn't shower for several days, smells bad and always goes in dirty, rumpled clothes.