A fearless defender

When a girl first meets a guy, it is logical that from the first minute she is not trying to see his inner world, and drew attention to the appearance. And if you follow the theory about the importance of the effect of first impressions, we can conclude that beauty in the future will play in your favor. Man is, first and foremost, a defender. This understanding laid the girls in the subconscious, even if they consciously deny it. And the fact that a raised body with bulging biceps and six-pack abs represent the image of strong and fearless defender.

A moment of weakness

Do girls muscular guys?. If the right to answer this question, the absolute answer will be "Yes." This is similar to how and men attracted to girls with a beautiful figure. The pursuit of beauty - that's what underlies this attraction.

However, it is usually a superficial attraction is limited to the first "moments of weakness": as time goes on, the harder it is to hold the attention. Think about what you really want? So you ran the crowd of fans, do not represent anything serious or really interested in girls? As a rule, standing the girls are skeptical of guys pumped up. They may have several reasons.


Public dogma dense layers fall on the minds of everyone. Now think, what is the inner world of the mind and the beefy guy, for example, on television? Suffice it to recall the youth series "Univer" and one of its main characters - Hugo. Of course, the show cannot be called a cult, and the question of how does someone TV now, deserves a separate article. But, nevertheless, indirectly or directly, media impact, and the image of a beefy guy involuntarily associated with "dummy".

You can't blame a girl that her thoughts give in to this stereotype. After all in life often meet guys that have nothing to talk about except their own muscles. Therefore, the question about the interest of the girls pumped the guys has a dual nature. On the one hand, the physical advantages ensures safety, and on the other, inflated body ensures the feebleness of the mind.

Therefore, in order to attract girls, to have large muscles, though it is a great advantage when Dating. To hold the interest and attention to yourself, you grow both physically and spiritually.