What actions guys have girlfriends?

It is known that women love to hear from men of different compliments and praise. In order to get a girl, you can not just to shower her with nice words, but to act more cleverly: left alone with her or even being in the company of friends, whispering in her ear different soft, easily touching the ear with his lips. Between the two of you must establish a trust relationship, in which you can without feeling hesitation to talk to each other about their most secret desires. Only all words must be truthful and sincere, the girls always feel a lie.

The girls plant desperate things boys, perfect for them. Make her crazy Dating, filled with extreme. Fear also causes acute excitation.

Learn gestures and body language to hint the girl's desire of physical intimacy. Passionately look into her eyes undressing look, use a light touch to her neck, wrists, shoulders and the back of his hands. Your touch should be firm, but at the same time gentle, causing goose bumps. The girl must feel that she is desired by you.

Before you move on to intercourse, don't forget about foreplay. Women can see the process of sex and its beginning. Use a long foreplay in order to fully liberate his soul mate. Carefully study her body with touches of hands and lips, you need to see and understand what operates on it excitingly, and what better to give up.

What masculine qualities have girlfriends?

To excite the girl, let her know that you are very strong, but considerate man. Women are crazy about guys who lead a healthy lifestyle and do sports. It is not necessary to take too a relief figure, but a little uploaded muscle must be present, and it is better to emphasize clothing. If you have beautiful and strong arms, wear tight shirts, revealing your dignity. The ladies like to look at the open shoulders and man hands.

In addition, girls gets male candor. If you want to do something with your girlfriend, don't hide it. If you are by yourself, you can openly admit that your mind had an interesting idea of relating to something intimate.