Opposites attract

Many girls, while still at a young age, dreamed of a charming Prince on a white horse, and even better - on a ship with scarlet sails. Since in their mind a certain way a sort of "perfect young man", which they try to try on everyone. To whom this image is more appropriate, and he will receive the title of "second half". Of course, we all have our ideals, but some common trends can be distinguished.

One of the most popular types – "the bad guys". Some girls literally go crazy. They bring them some modicum of mystery, danger, surprise. Most often these men fall in love girl-demure from good families, have graduated from high school with a medal, and the University with the red diploma.

In turn, emotional persons are attracted to the "bad guy" adventurism and the storm of emotions that they face, being with him. Besides, oddly enough, the "bad guys" often give their companions a sense of security. All thanks to their brutal appearance. "If this brave man not to defend himself, then who?" - I think the naive ladies. Although the reality can be quite different.

The opposite of "bad boy" is "humble". This type of men also like the individual. With him the girls feel more confident, prettier, smarter, and some even think that they are real guru of love and have much to teach inexperienced companion. Sometimes the basis of such relations is the maternal instinct.

It is impossible to resist

Immense popularity among ladies of all ages enjoy "the boys seducers". All quite logical: what the young lady will be indifferent to the man who so gallant, educated, caring, and in bed he just has no equal. His ability to flirt mixed with unmatched charm just slays outright.

Similar in manners to the "seducer" type of "romantic". Women, being emotional, and the ability of men to look beautiful, to dedicate poems and songs of the beloved, to whisper in her ear all sorts of nice nonsense while walking under the moon, to create warmth and comfort even in the gray room of the old hostel is unlikely to leave someone indifferent.

Another interesting type is the "successful guy". Such men inspire confidence, tranquility and stability. And who will refuse to buy expensive gifts, good restaurants, riding in a luxury car. Besides, according to the girls, at his expense, will be able to correct their financial situation, therefore, "successful guys" the demand is quite high.