What to sew

Specifically to buy fabric for bags optional – of course, if you are going to sew one that would suit a particular dress or coat. You fit jacket from kalandrirovannogo Capronum or Dacron cloak "Bologna". Bag you can sew denim and leatherette. To start to learn the basics of needlework with sewing leather products don't work with this material has its own quirks. Prepare the fabric. Disposal the product, remove the bone, wash the pieces and, if necessary, iron. You will need another cord of the right color, eyelets, grommets. However, the eyelets can be inserted in a special workshop, this service is quite cheap.


Bag is sewed from two parts – the bottom and sides, which is a very wide stripe sewn into the ring. Decide on the size and draw on the paper circle. Measure its length (for example, by using put on edge with the tape measure). Draw a rectangle whose length is obtained with a measure added by seam, and the width and height of the bags, to which must be added allowances of 1 cm on one side and 3cm on the other. Rectangle you can draw directly on fabric.


Draw a circle, add a seam allowance of 1 cm and cut out detail. If the fabric is soft, the bottom can be made of two layers, and then insert between them a strip of cardboard, sheet wadding, etc. the Bottom can be strengthened also the adhesive interlining. Some fabrics (e.g., calendered nylon or polyester) it is easier to cut not with scissors, and a soldering iron or a device for burning. In this case, the environment will not be lohmataya and you don't need to buttonhole stitches. Draw the rectangle by adding a margin of 1 cm on the short sides.


Details may be easier to sew if in advance to prepare them. The top bags of the future it is better to hem, tucked the long cut of 0.5 and 2, 5 cm Can be sew decorative stitching. If the bag will be decorating (embroidery, pattern, beading or beads, applique, etc.), they need to do before Assembly. Striped stitch in the ring. The details of the double bottom fold wrong side to each other by inserting between them the spacer. Stitch detail on the contour of the basting seam, short stitches. Sidewall turn them inside out. Baste it to the bottom so that the details of the contact face, and then gently pristrochite. Turn the bag. Insert the grommets, pass the cord and tie it with a knot. If there is no suitable cord, sew it from strips of the same fabric. It can and weave of thick threads.