In order to quickly stitch a bag, do not have to have the skills of a professional seamstress or spend a huge amount of time to implement the idea. Gorgeous bags out of the things that surround us.
For example, the bag can be made from an old scarf. For this you need a scarf, a piece of fabric for the lining and original wysocka for strap.
Put the lining on the scarf so that one side of its edge retreated 15-20 cm, and with another 10-15 cm Join the parts by hand or using a sewing machine.
Remove the bag on the front side to the edge of the lining didn't come out. So you got cap bag cap. In order to bag longer worn carefully sewn all the edges, which can blossom.
Pristrochite to the handbag lace is desired length. On the lid bags do lock using the buttons or the original loops.
The finished purse can be decorated with embroidery, beads, leather strips or wooden decorations.
Fast sewing a purse can be out of the normal dense tissue. Take the bottom and sides of desired size. You can think of the original cap, but you can do without it - it all depends on your imagination.
As the strap for the purse is perfect old thick cord that you can tie the hook to match the bags. For these purposes, you can use the old colored straps.
Stitch detail bags, frayed edges. On the sides you can sew the original patch pockets. Decorate the bag you can use old beads, colored ribbons, sequins and crystals - here imagination is not limited!
You can try to tie the original bag with a hook or spokes. Today in the Internet there are many simple circuits which can be a few hours to build a fashionable accessory that will reflect your personality!