You will need
  • - skin (pieces of skin);
  • glue "Moment";
  • - sewing machine;
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - zipper (length 40 cm);
  • - 0.5 m lining fabric;
Bag with pocket in side seam made of two rectangular parts, each measuring 38*50 cm In this case, each item consists of four small rectangles. However, note that when sewing one centimeter on each side of the part will go into the seams and the top seam allowance of 5 cm at the hem.
Preparing two main rectangular blank of leather, zakruglenie they have lower angles using the subject of the right radius (a large roll of duct tape, saucer, Cup). Attaching the roll of tape to the corner of the leather detail, trace and cut out. Then, rounded corners, draw tuck that bag was bigger. To build tuck, swipe a diagonal of 45 degrees with a length of 5-6 cm From the diagonal, draw a concave line, to obtain solution tuck 2-3 cm.
Cut out a tuck along the lines. Now, attaching the dart to the other rounded corners, circle and also cut out. Glue Darts at the main parts and sew them. Then carefully cut a seam to the very tip Darts, fold the allowances of seams in different directions, glue them, prostuchite a hammer to make them flatter and slim and attrocity from the front side.
Take the lining of the bag. Lay out two layers of lining fabric, place it on one of the leather detail of the bag, adding 1 cm on the sides, cut out along the contour. Then cutting out lining fabric 2 rectangles: one rectangle the size of 25*15 cm (small pocket) and the other equal to the width of the primary lining, but the length is shorter by 15 cm (big zipped pocket). Then cut from lining fabric two parts teardrop shape (in side pocket). The size of the burlap side pockets equal to the length of 32-35 cm and width 20 cm (line the entrance to the pocket).
Vsheyte side pocket. Adding together the basic details of the bags, attach them to the side detail of the burlap, departing from the top 10 cm Mark with a pen (marker) little notches – designated sewing mesculin the main parts. Smear glue on the very edge of the skin from notches to notches and glue the burlap (front side lining fabric to the front side of the skin). Make the seam allowance on the skin for 7-10 mm, and the lining - 1.5 cm Paving machine line exactly from notches to notches, make a bar tack at the ends of the seams.
Fold the burlap pocket, turning down apricity edge (seam allowance on burlap) and lock it with a pin. Do the same with the other three edges. Glue and stitch the side seam of the bag from the pocket to the top edge and from the pocket down, not reaching the bottom corner with dart. The main thing is that the joints coincide with the notches, where it was sewn burlap. Expand the details of the bag, pry off the allowances of seams in different directions, glue them and tap with a hammer.
Will attrocity on the edge line of the pocket, running a solid tie. Adding together the burlap pocket, prostrochite at a distance from the edge 1.5 cm. Glue and sew the bottom and the second side of the bag. The seam is spread out in different directions, glue and tap with a hammer.
Remove the bag, smooth the seams, gently tap with a hammer the thick junction of seams. Sew a small pocket to the lining, secured to one of the great neskowin at a distance of 7-8 cm from the top edge, turning the inside seam. Lay another line, making the phone compartment. Pat.
In the second part of the lining make a big zipper pocket. Sew to the top edge the large rectangle with the zipper. The pins attaching the pocket to the primary align the bottom and the sides, pristrochite. The folding parts of the lining, right sides and pockets inside, stitch along the side seams, performing rounding on the bottom corners, leaving a small hole. Not turning out the lining, insert it in her bag and glue the top edge of the bag to the upper edge of the lining. Stitch around the top, remove the through hole at the bottom of the lining.
Prepare for handles 4 leather parts with a length of 60 cm: two with a width of 3-4 cm and two 6-8 cm glue Promazhte broad details on the long side and fold the edge to the center, connecting them back to back. Then glue them to the narrow lanes and attrocites on the edge.
Vsheyte the handle to fold the top edge of the bag. Cut with a sharp knife the holes in the fold lines, glue into the holes of the edges of the handles and sew.