You will need
  • The passport, the contract for card account service, an expired Bank card.
On each plastic card is the expiration date in the format MM/YY. For example, the inscription 06/10 means that the card is valid until 30.06.2010 year, and year from 01.07.2010 will be blocked.
Banks carry out a planned re-issue Bank cards to its customers for the replacement card, which ends the life. It is free of charge. The cardholder must approach the Bank branch that issued the old card and get a new one.
To replace an expired credit card, you need to show your passport, the contract on its service. The card can be taken or until the expiration if it is already in the Bank, or after it locks. By this time the Bank is already a new map and waiting for its owner. The old card will be destroyed in the eyes of the holder. Some banks of the old cards are removed, as they are blocked and to use them no one can.
If you learned that the Bank branch or Department issuing the card, disbanded or closed, call the helpline listed on the back of the card, and find out the address of the Bank branch where you can get a new one.
You had not used the card was not necessary, and you suddenly want to take her money, and find that the card is expired and locked. In this case you need to contact the Bank that issued your card. Every organization has its expiration date unclaimed cards. If the period of storage the card has not expired, you will be given a new one. Otherwise, your new card is sent to destruction.
If your card is destroyed, you can obtain your money from the account, showing your passport and the contract on service of cards. You will be asked to write a statement about the results of funds from the account without the card. If the contract is lost, write the statement, and you will be given a certified copy.
To issue a new card also written statement. Since the issuance of the card will be unscheduled, this service may be paid. A new map will have to wait 1-2 weeks. Consult with employees of the Bank on commissions for the account and all matters relating to the maintenance of your card. Each Bank has its own nuances and rules.