The researches showed that with the achievement of the age of forty the female body loses about one third of lean body mass, your metabolism starts to slow down, the body increases the total content of adipose tissue provoked by a sedentary lifestyle. Over time, the muscles begin drying and shrinking and weakening, the daily consumption of calories is reduced. To prevent such phenomena, a forty year old woman should not only exercise and be mobile, but also to ensure proper nutrition. You need to avoid snacking between meals, eat more fruits and vegetables, limiting uglevodosoderzhaschie products and food cooked by roasting.
Some women begin to notice the acceleration of the aging process. This is due to the fact that at the age of forty the female body experiences some hormonal disruption. As a result of menopause in women is reduced hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the regeneration and restoration of skin. New cells are developing very slowly, and the old become necrotic, forming a rough surface. This phenomenon will help to fight regular exfoliation, improves circulation and restores skin's healthy appearance.
In addition, after forty years in a woman's body impaired blood circulation, due to which nutrients and oxygen pass into cells very slowly. To help your skin come can special nourishing creams and masks. Also you can regularly carry out the massaging of the skin, which also helps to improve its appearance.
Forty years old woman is undergoing not only physical but also psychological changes. Ladies middle-aged are often prone to stress and depression, they no longer feel young, attractive and full of energy. To combat the negative thoughts women help new Hobbies: dancing, yoga, fitness and active leisure. Remember that by that age, you become less resilient. Understand that now you gain independence and strength. Your children have probably grown up, so now you can safely go about your personal life, and career by the age of forty most women have already established. Forget about a routine that surrounds you, learn to enjoy the usual pleasant things, then your life will become more happy and bright.